To all participants

Hand on your heart, did you read the rules of the MRD?

No, definitely not!

Please pay attention and keep in mind the following informations:

  1. First of all, no registration, no certificate!
  2. Please read the rules in You can register from January 1st until registration deadline always April 1st.
  3. For result-informations please only use .doc- and .pdf-files, all former marine radio officers can only give me (by fair play!) the number of ships, coastal radio stations special stations and radio amateurs.
  4. I don't need any logs from you.
    There is no difference between a ham and a friend of MRD. Spec stations are lightvessels, museumships and radio schools.
  5. Pay attention to your email addresses, it happens that they do not work when I send the certificate.
  6. Pay attention to news under "news" on the MRD-webpage.
  7. Please always write clearly, I am 84 years old and my eyes are no longer the best.Deadline for logs is April 30th Midnight.
  8. The link shows you a new logsheet, please download and use it. We all should only use this.

Thanks to everyone for participation. Stay safe, good luck and QRX next year.

73 Rolf

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