Maritime Radio Day Registration Form

The MRD 2021 will take place from 14th April, 12.00 UTC until 15th April , 22.00 UTC

For Short Information
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This automated registry
was programmed
by OM Detlef Stolz,
and is compiled and hosted by
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Please fill out every field and press Send Data:
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Callsign ? Callsign:
Callsign is an key entry to the data base.
It must be unic. It does occure only once!
Please enter in capital letters.
So, please follow instructions:
single operator:
Just enter your callsign: AB1CDE
multi operators: as well - and
please put mark in checkbox

Program will reject double entries !
Please enter a callsign as mentioned.

This entry will become fourth line on CoP
OP name & call ? Operator:
Enter your name & call for certificate.
This entry will become first line of CoP,
or in case of multi-OP second and third line of CoP.
It will displayed on CoP as given.
or just John
In case of multi-op for example:
Jürgen/DL8HCI, Hans/DZ9ZZ, Jan/GZ9ZZ
E-Mail-address ? E-Mail:
Enter your e-mail address. CoP will be sent to this address for own printout of CoP. Multi-op please deliver the CoP to the crew-members
The e-mail address will not be printed on CoP
Name of Station ? Station:
Enter ship or coaststation name like you want it to be printed on CoP.
M/S Dresden:   M/S Dresden - DAVK
RMS Queen Mary:   RMS Queen Mary - GBTT
Roma Radio:   Roma Radio - IAR

SWL or Others enter: friend of MRD This entry will become fifth line on CoP
Click checkbox for Multi-OP-Station
Click checkbox, if SWL

? question mark displays info when hit by mouse

General and help informations

Download actual system-list of registered participants as PDF-file