MRD Help & Info on registration

MRD self registration was first created in 2015 campaign to help the administrators to handle all the results and certificates.

Please read the topic entries and enter your data accordingly.

The year of MRD and date of registry ist automatically set by program as actual date.
Correct e-Mail-address is important. After event is terminated and logs are confirmed an e-Mail with link to the MRD-CoP will be sent to these address by Admin (OM Rolf Marschner).
General General Information:
MRD-registration is to ease the handling of MRD-records and to produce the "Certificate of Participation" (CoP).
All data kept confident and will not be supplied to third parties. The data base will keep the information and upon request you get your CoP.
Please make following entries:

All detailed information are shown by hitting the question marks by mouse in the registration form
In case of doubts contact MRD crew.